21 April 2012

Pubs: The Assembly Rooms

30 March 2012 - The Assembly Rooms, Epsom, Surrey


The husband and I visited The Assembly Rooms in Epsom on a Friday night.  We rented a car for the weekend and headed up to Epsom for something we can't get in our town: sushi!  The sushi restaurant wasn't open for dinner yet by the time we arrived, so we took a walk around the center of town and ended up at The Assembly Rooms.  This is another JD Wetherspoon pub and its building allegedly dates back to the late 17th century.  I ordered a pint of the Daleside Monkey Wrench.


As soon as I walked up to the bar and discreetly took the above picture with my phone, this old guy at the bar kept staring at me for the full amount of time it took for my husband and I to order, get served, and pay.  Which leads me to:

I find that some people here in England have a serious staring problem.  Are they not taught as children that it's rude to stare?  I don't get it.  I'm not a big, loud, draws-a-lot-of-attention-to-myself stereotypical American either, not that that would justify it.  Does my snapping a quick pic with my phone really justify that level of staring/rudeness?  I usually respond to the stares by screwing my face into a scowl and muttering "can I help you?" under my breath.  My husband says that my reaction is snobby, but I don't care.  I don't like being stared at.  /tangent 

Anyhoo, the Monkey Wrench was enjoyable and the pub was spacious with lots of light.  I don't know if I'll be back anytime soon, but maybe the next time I'm in Epsom I'll stop by.

Pubs: The Spotted Dog

28 March 2012 -  The Spotted Dog, Dorking, Surrey


I visited The Spotted Dog in Dorking on a Wednesday afternoon for lunch with an American expat friend.  This was my first trip into Dorking and I found the town to be very quaint and charming.  We sat out on the back patio to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather (70 F!).  I had a bacon, brie, and cranberry baguette and a pint of Kronenbourg 1664.  Both were delightful.  The pub was moderately busy at lunchtime, and, as per usual, when we started up our conversation in our American accents we got a few curious looks from the locals, but nothing too bad.


The pub has tables out in a beer garden area that seems lovely.  I'll definitely be back when the warm weather returns!

05 April 2012

Pubs: The Cask & Glass

22 March 2012 -  The Cask & Glass, Victoria, London

On our way to dinner with an expat group in London, we stopped by The Cask & Glass in Victoria.  We found it following my sophisticated pub-locating technique of searching "pub" on my phone when we've arrived somewhere.  No matter where you are, there's one nearby.


The building was undergoing some type of construction, so there was scaffolding up around the front of the building and I couldn't really get a good look at it.  The inside of the place was tiiiiiny.  It could maybe seat 10 people?  We joined the throng standing outside.  I had an Early Bird, the fella had a Spitfire.  The Early Bird was a little hoppy for me, so it took me a while to finish.

flare-iphoto-export-355264116 Untitled

Ladies, if you're looking to meet a British businessman, this is the place for you.  I think there were 2 other women in the entire place.  Banger-fest!