08 June 2012

Pubs: Nell of Old Drury

24 April 2012 - Nell of Old Drury, Covent Garden, London

I visited this pub on a Tuesday prior to an American expat burger dinner in London.  I met up with a couple of expat friends right when the pub opened at 5:00pm.

The place was super cute.  The ground floor was very tiny (more seating is available upstairs) but since we were the first people in the place when it opened for its evening hours, we got the choice velvet bench by the window.

Nell of Old Drury 2

I had a pint of Wandle.  One of my friends had a super expensive cider (almost £5 I think).

Nell of Old Drury 3

We had a nice chat for about an hour.  The girls I was with are a little bit louder than me and thus sound a little bit more typically American, especially in a small and empty place, so... I think we made an impression.

Nell of Old Drury 4

This pub is neat because it apparently has an underground tunnel connecting it to the theatre across the street.  This tunnel was allegedly used by Charles II for secret rendezvous with mistress and pub namesake, actress Nell Gwynne.  Shocking!

Nell of Old Drury 5

I liked this pub.  It was a bit pricey, but on par with other Covent Garden pubs.  I think I'll be back sometime, maybe for a pre-theatre pint.

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