04 March 2012

Pubs: The Good Yarn

1 March 2012 - The Good Yarn, Uxbridge, Middlesex


My husband had a business meeting up in Uxbridge, so I took a late morning train up to meet him.  I'd never been to that area, so I had a wander up Uxbridge's High Street and stopped at The Good Yarn for a late lunch.  The place was completely packed when I arrived.  I attribute this to the "Thursday Curry Club" and the fact that it was St. David's Day, which meant there were some specials.  The crowd was quite mixed, ranging from kids in their late teens or early twenties, to some very old folks.  I found the only empty table and claimed it with my jacket before going up to the bar to order my food (no table service at most pubs).  I'm ashamed to say that this was the first time I have ordered my own food or drinks at a pub since arriving in the UK.  On my other pub trips, I've been with my husband, so I'm the table claimer, while he's the orderer/payer.  The informal system of waiting at the bar is interesting.  It's kind of just an honor system for whoever is supposed to be served next.  I must say, even in this packed pub, it worked pretty well.  I ordered a sweet potato, spinach, and chickpea curry and a Tuborg.  Not too shabby for £5.59.  It was all quite good actually.  I was amused by the mango chutney that came in its own pre-packaged little tub.



This pub is another J D Wetherspoon pub (like The Sun in Redhill), and so it has the same crazy drinks menu I described in my Sun review.  I took some pics this time, though.  :)




Eventually my husband joined me and partook of some naan and poppadoms.  By the time our leisurely lunch came to an end, the pub had emptied out considerably.  I don't know if we'll be back, but I had a nice time.



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